Why You Should Become An Ignite Instructor


Ignite Driving Schools makes a special effort with each one of our trainee instructors. After all, we’re hoping you’ll qualify well and come work for us when you’re done! From day one we strive to explain the entire training and qualification process, as well as your part in it.

Our training program is extremely flexible, and tailored to suit your particular needs. Many of our trainees work full or part time as they learn, and we are used to working around your schedules. So long as you can devote the time and effort into becoming a top quality instructor, we can make it work.

We offer full package discounts, as well as several pay as you go options. There are also various financial assistance packages available for help with tuition. Ring us today, or see our page below if you would like to know more about that.

Driving Instructor Teaching a Student

One of the things that really sets us apart from other instructor training programs is our commitment to top quality, one on one instruction. We believe that you will learn faster and better if you have the full attention of your instructor, and not paying to sit in the back of the car and wait your turn.

We encourage you to look at what other training programs have to offer, making sure to ask them if you will be sharing instructor time with 2 or even 3 other trainees. When you consider that the price you will be able to demand for your services is directly dependent on the grade you receive at your DSA certification. Grade 5 or 6 certified instructors earn quite a bit more than grade 3 or 4 instructors, even though they are both fully certified. With that in mind, we think you’ll appreciate Ignite Driving School’s commitment to the best possible quality of instruction, both for our trainee instructors and for our new drivers.

To become a driving instructor, you will need to have held a full UK driving license for at least the last three and a half years, and have a good driving record. If you do have points on your license, you are not automatically disqualified. Many trainee instructors have been accepted for training despite having a few penalty points on their record. To find out if you qualify, contact Ignite Driving Schools today!

Our Full Franchise Package

All of Ignite’s driving instructors are self-employed. Our franchise package is very reasonable, consisting of a one-time admin fee of £50, and a mere £40 per week for full time instructors.

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