Theory Lessons

Anyone who takes driving lessons with Ignite Driving Schools gets training and preparation for their theory and hazard perception test absolutely free.


You will have to pass the Driving Theory Test (sometimes called the DSA Theory Test or the DVLA Theory Test) before you can even book your practical test. So long as you take the time to study and understand the form of the questions and desired answers, passing the test should be relatively easy. For some, studying the DSA Driving Guide will be enough. Others may prefer to do more revision. Taking a few practice tests is highly recommended, and everyone should read through the list of official questions (from which the actual test questions must be chosen) at least once.

There are many study aids available for the theory section, but the Hazard Perception Test is best prepared for using a computer simulation which  better mimics the way the test will be presented. Ignite Driving Schools can provide this, as well as all of the latest study materials.

What should you learn before taking your theory test?

  • Become familiar with the latest official test questions released by the DSA specifically to help new drivers prepare for the theory test.
  • Practice answering all of the official DSA questions from which the actual test questions will be drawn.
  • If you will not be taking the test in English, practice with test questions in your chosen language.
  • Ignite makes mock tests available to you. Take them several times until you are happy with your scores.
  • If you need extra practice on the Hazards Awareness section, purchase a test simulation that you can use at hole.
  • If you find you need extra help understanding the theory questions or hazard perception section, our experienced and friendly staff will be glad to help guide you through it.
  • If you wishes to purchase extra preparation materials, including the latest theory CDs and books, we provide them at a very competitive price.



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