Teen Lessons

Ignite Driving Schools’ experienced driving instructors provide valuable training and experience for young and pre-17 drivers. We provide fully structured driving lessons for teen drivers throughout East London.

Ignite’s teen driving lessons cover all of the normal DSA driving syllabus including: Clutch and gear changing, reversing, the emergency stop procedure, basic manoeuvring, and dealing with junctures and roundabouts. Learning how to drive in a safe and controlled environment enables younger students to have fun while learning safe vehicle handling. It has also been shown to help give them confidence when they eventually move on to driving on public roads.

tenage-lessons-page Generally speaking, the younger someone is when they start to drive, the faster they learn. Young driver courses reduce the time it takes for them to learn to drive when they turn 17. European Road Safety research suggests that it doesn’t matter so much what age a person is when they start learning to drive, but rather that having a large amount of time behind the wheel, spread out over an extended period of time before taking the test leads to better scores and safer driving. When a young person has a bit of driving experience every year, they better learn their abilities and limitations, and are less likely to engage in risky driving.

A big part of Ignite Driving School’s teen driving program is promoting positive attitudes to driving and safety, developing a practical understanding of the limitations of drivers and vehicles both, and the importance of mature and responsible automobile use.

We provide an assessment sheet for every lesson a young student takes, to provide an accurate record of their progress. The same fully qualified instructors teach our teen drivers as do our standard driving lessons, so they get the same top levels of instruction. When it is time to prepare for their driving test, we can refer to their teen records and focus on those areas that still need work, allowing them to get up and running much faster that most beginning drivers.

Teen drivers will not need a provisional licence for Ignite’s underage driving lessons.

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