Refresher Lessons

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Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable or intimidated while driving? Are you prone to panic stops? It’s hard to get by without doing a bit of driving in today’s world. There are more drivers on the road every day, though, and what was once a quick trip to the shops is becoming stressful and a little dangerous.  Ignite Driving School’s refresher driving lessons can help you become the confident, safe, effective driver you want to be.

Re-establishing safe driving practices can reduce the risks to yourself and your passengers, and to everyone else on the road as well. Refresher lessons are a quick and easy way to update your driving skills and establish good habits. You’ll feel the increased confidence in your abilities right away. After just one or two refresher lessons, you can enjoy driving again, maybe for the first time in years.


Indecisiveness and hesitation causes accidents, and it all stems from inexperience or fear. A little confidence goes a long way to preventing this kind of trouble. If you feel secure and confident behind the wheel, you actually drive better. But a lot of things can eat away at your confidence over time. You might be in a very different vehicle than what you’re used to. You might have just moved to East London, and not be familiar with the road network. You may have had a recent accident, or you may have gone a long time without doing much driving.

No matter why you feel you need a little help, Ignite Driving Schools stands ready to refine your style and eliminate some bad driving habits. Whatever you need, we can help. Ignite trains our refresher students to the same high standard as our beginner customers – but without nearly as many lessons.

All of our refresher courses are tailored to fit your particular needs as a student, after an initial assessment with one of our top-qualified instructors. Most of our customers take between 6 and 8 hours of lessons for a refresher course, but some need as little as 2 hours. The amount you decide on depends on what you need and what you want to pay for. We won’t pressure you to take more than you want or need.

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