Our Instructors

Ignite driving schools only hires the best people, to ensure you the best learning experience. All of our instructors are fully qualified to either grade 5 or 6, the highest ranks possible. We understand that each student has a different learning process, and each will require a slightly different approach to get them on the road properly. Our professional, friendly instructors will work with you to give you the help that you need to do your best.

What do the grades mean?

Qualified driving instructors are regularly tested to assess their actual driving and instructional skill. An examiner rides along to observe an actual lesson, and grades the instructor on their overall level of competence, from 1 to 6.

  • Grade 1 – Receiving a grade of 1 indicates the lowest standard of skill. These are very poor or even dangerous instructors.
  • Grade 2 – A grade of 2 indicates poor instruction skills and technique.
  • Grade 3 – Grade 3 is considered adequate, but indicates that some deficiencies exist. A grade of 3 or less is considered unsatisfactory, and the instructor will have to take the assessment again to stay qualified.
  • Grade 4 – Receiving a grade of 4 indicates overall competence, with only a few relatively minor deficiencies. Most driving instructors in the UK are grade 4.
  • Grade 5 – Grade 5 is awarded to high quality instructors with only very minor deficiencies. Relatively few instructors achieve grade 5 or better.
  • Grade 6 – Grade 6 is the highest possible mark, indicating a truly excellent instructor with no significant deficiencies in technique. Only around 6% of driving instructors in the UK achieve a grade of 6.

At Ignite Driving Schools, all of our instructors have achieved and maintain grades 5 or 6, placing them among the best in their field. 

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