How many lessons do I need?

This is mostly, the first question we are asked. Our driving instructor,  will asses you on your driving ability and tell you how many lessons is required for you to be ready for your practical driving test. Once we feel you are ready, we will also do some practice mock exams to ensure that you are fully ready for your test and ensure you have covered all the relevant driving scenarios that are possible to come up in your driving test. On average, novice students require between 40 to 50 lessons.

Is automatic or manual right for me?

Most of our students tend to go for manual driving lessons, purely because once you pass your test then you are able to drive an automatic car without the need to pass a test for an automatic. This is not true with the other way around. But ultimately,  it depends on the student’s need and temperament. Some change to automatic later and some stick to manual driving.

I think I am ready for my driving test.

We at ignite, can only advice you on your ability. If we feel you are ready much earlier than most students, we will tell you so. To make you gain real confidence, we will perform some practical mock test along most of the test routes. Please remember, you may be confident in your driving lessons but when it comes to mock test, students buckle up to pressures and fail them. We will fully advice you the next plan of action so that you can pass the test first time with us without any dent on your confidence.

Without being brash, we have had students who have failed quite a number of times with other driving schools but passed first time with us. That is ignite’s confidence.

I have been offered a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Driving school market is extremely competitive and understand that you have seen or been offered a cheaper deal elsewhere. This may look the best value but most of the times, it is not true. Most of the cheaper deals are only introductory and will expire as soon as a couple of lessons.

Furthermore the most important thing to consider is the quality of the lessons. We will never piggy bank, try to give you extra lessons where possible. Your lesson starts when you start to drive and not when the instructor takes you 2 miles to start your lesson. Always be honest with you. We are not afraid to lose students who do not take our advice to best achieve your goal.

To be sure that you’re getting our most competitive rate, please call 02089830085

Why Ignite ?

Please view our about us page to know why we are one of the best driving schools in East London.

How do I pay?

Please refer to our pricing page for some questions you may have.

Can I take lessons even if I have not passed my Theory Test ?

Yes, you can.

I have just arrived in the country, when soon can I take the practical test ?

After 180 days or 6 months.

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