Ignite Driving School in Walthamstow

Passing your evaluation the first time will be a bit easier if you are already familiar with the areas you are likely to drive during your test. As you can never be sure what route your evaluator will have you take, you’re best off practicing on all the commonly taken routes in the area, and becoming familiar with the entire area before it is time for your test.


At Ignite Driving School, we make sure our instructors live nearby, making sure they are well versed in the peculiarities of driving here, and have the most accurate information about likely test routes. There are a few difficult junctions or roundabouts on almost every test route, so you’ll do best with a locally based instructor who knows the area well.

If you decide to take lessons with Ignite school in Walthamstow, we will send a top ranked instructor to you to discuss what you need from us and determine where best to start your instruction. We always take your current level of ability and overall confidence into account. Beginning drivers will generally start with gaining familiarity with the vehicle and controls before moving on to driving in parking lots and quiet streets. More experienced drivers might dive right in to gaining the specific skills they need. Your instructor will work with you to tailor your lessons to your need and abilities. Wherever you decide to start, by the end you will have all of the skills and confidence you need to drive withskill and confidence, and pass your test.


You will most likely want to do a lot of driving around local test centres. Ignite Driving School’s instructors give you all the practice you will need along the most common evaluation routes, and in other areas as well. You’ll gain experience driving in busy areas and dual carriageways as well. We make sure you now not just what you need to pass your test, but to be a good, safe driver.

If you think it’s likely that you’ll take your test in some other area, make sure you let us know. We can arrange your course of instruction to take that into account. No matter what your needs, we can probably accommodate you.


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