Ignite Driving School in Tower Hamlets

tower-hamlets-pageResidents of the Tower Hamlets area are probably better off taking lessons close to home. Not only do you have an existing familiarity with the roads in the area, you will most likely be taking your driving test here as well. Best to get as familiar as possible with the routes that evaluators have test-takers use, so there are fewer surprises.

All of our driving instructors live in the same area where they work, and know the area quite well. Because they have a good understanding of the driving conditions around Tower Hamlets, they are better able to teach you the safe, confident driving practices that will help you pass your test. They can also point out tricky junctions or difficult roundabouts, giving you experience dealing with them in a safe, controlled manner.

If you choose to take lessons from Ignite Driving School in Tower Hamlets, we will make sure your course of instruction suits both your needs and your overall level of skill. Our skilled and experienced driving instructors are familiar with providing instruction to first time drivers and old pros alike, so we can be sure to give you the level of instruction you need in a way that you can best make use of it.

Ignite Driving School will send an instructors to you at any convenient location, and discuss your specific needs in order to develop a course of instruction to suit you.

Driving Instructor Teaching a StudentYou will probably take your driving assessment in one of the nearby assessment centres, so your instructor will ensure that you get all the practice you need driving in the areas in which you are likely to be tested. This will give you the confidence you need to pass your test, and improve your level of skill in the areas you will be doing most of your driving afterwards as well.

Ignite Driving School will make sure you get experience driving in a wide range of conditions, including the areas around the test centres, tricky city driving, and dual carriageways. Just let your instructor know as soon as possible if you expect to be taking your test elsewhere, and they will adjust your lessons appropriately.

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