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newham-pageIf you’re from Newham, You’re better off taking your driving instruction there as well. After all, you’ll be doing more driving here than anywhere else. Even more important, though, is to gain experience riving in and around the areas where you will have to take your evaluation. A little bit of extra familiarity can be the difference between a pass and a fail.

newhamIgnite Driving School hires the top-ranked driving instructors who live and work locally, so they are very familiar with all the nearby testing centres and all of the common evaluation routes. We will make sure you have as few surprises as possible.

Our instructors work to maintain their local driving knowledge, which allows them to guide you through local trouble spots or difficult roundabouts and junctions easily and safely. Knowing what you may have to face makes it all easier.

Steering wheelIf you choose to learn to drive with Ignite Driving School in Newham, one of our highly qualified instructors will pick you up from your home or another convenient location, and determine your level of skill and experience before deciding where to start. All of Ignite’s instructors have plenty of experience teaching everyone from skilled drivers to complete beginners, so your lessons will be tailored to your skill levels and individual needs.

Most people take their driving test in one of the assessment centres near their home, so your instructor will give you the training and experience you need, and get you actually driving in the areas you are likely to be tested on as soon as safely possible. This will help you pass your test, and will also give you the most experience driving in the areas you will probably visit most.

No matter where you expect to take your test, Ignite makes sure that you get practice driving at different times and in different areas, from common evaluation routes and difficult city driving, to slow side roads and fast dual carriageways. If for some reason you expect to take your assessment in another area, let your instructor know as soon you can, so that they construct their lesson plan with that in mind.



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