Ignite Driving School in Hackney

hackney-pageTaking your driving assessment in Hackney will be a lot easier if you are already familiar with the areas you will be driving in. You will also need experience driving the most common test routes for all the nearby evaluation centers before taking your test.

As all of Ignite’s instructors live and work in the area, they are quite familiar with all of the local test routes and fully familiar with the tricky junctions and roundabouts you are likely encounter in your assessment, and in day-to-day driving. This kind of local knowledge can make learning to drive faster, easier, and a lot safer.


If you take instruction from Ignite school in Hackney, one of our top-ranked instructors will pick you up at your doorstep and determine where to begin your lessons based on your existing levels of skill and confidence on the road. New drivers will first become familiar with the controls of the vehicle and get some practice on quiet side roads before moving on. If you already have some skill at driving, your instructor will assess your needs, and adjust the lesson plan to suit your abilities. Either way, you will be given the help you need to become a safe, confident driver.

auto-car-twinAs you will need to become familiar with driving around the test centres where you are most likely to take your evaluation, our instructor will focus largely on local test centres and known evaluation routes, but you will get a full program of instruction including busy city driving and high-speed driving on dual carriageways. If you expect to be taking your test outside of Hackney, make sure to let us know as soon as possible, so we can adjust your lessons to suit. We have instructors who live and work all over East London, so don’t worry!

No matter what your current level of skill or experience, Ignite Driving Schools will tailor a course of instruction to your needs that will give you the skills, the practice, and the confidence you need to pass your test, and drive safely.


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