Defensive Lesson

Defensive driving lessons provide drivers of all levels of experience useful skills which  help them avoid crashes and traffic accidents, foresee road hazards, and deal with adverse weather conditdefensive-driving--pageions.

Most drivers attending a defensive driving course are there to fulfil a court obligation due to a traffic infraction, or in order to reduce the cost of their insurance. Even if you are only there because you have to be, it doesn’t have to be boring. Ignite Driving School is the ideal choice for those drivers who need to achieve a defensive driving certification, and actually want to learn something.

Ignite defensive graduates will gain:

  • Improved overall driving knowledge
  • Increased understanding of traffic laws
  • Enhanced learning through the use of interactive multimedia
  • Knowledge of the latest driving safety techniques
  • Understanding of the way changing conditions and circumstances affect driving safety.

Attendance of a defensive driving / traffic safety school is often ordered by District or Municipal Courts as part of a diversion program. After completing Ignite’s defensive driving course, you may be able to keep a traffic infraction off of your driving records. Be sure to check your eligibility with the court before taking the course.

In some cases, drivers qualify for what is called a “deferred finding”. This is often requested at mitigation, or as part of a contested hearing. A judge may set one or more conditions that must be met to prevent a deferred finding from appearing on your record. Common conditions include:

  • No further violations over the next year.
  • Complete a traffic school or defensive driving course.
  • Compliance with case specific conditions.

Keep in mind that is your responsibility to ensure that the court or your insurance company will accept the course as a condition before beginning your course, especially if you are taking it for purposes of ticket dismissal, insurance cost reduction, or eliminating fines or points off your licence.

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